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e-commerce experience management for fashion

ContentWise for Fashion is the AI-powered solution that helps digital merchandisers, e-commerce leaders and marketeers accelerate digital catalog enrichment, deliver a uniquely personalized shopping experience.

Create digital catalogs faster than ever

Accelerate product catalog time-to-market and inventory turn

ContentWise cuts the lag time to bring new product items to e-commerce stores, streamlining digital catalog creation workflows and automating routine, time-consuming tasks.

Faster digital product catalog creation

The Best Choice For Your E-Commerce

AI-powered solution for digital merchandising, e-commerce and marketing leaders

ContentWise accelerates the digital catalog enrichment, delivers a uniquely personalized shopping experience and boosts e-commerce conversions

Better quality of e-commerce catalogs

Improve e-commerce catalog quality

Boost product discoverability and reduce returns

ContentWise automatically composes high-quality digital catalogs, combining granular metadata-enrichment with AI-generated product image tags and descriptions.

Predict what each customer will like and want

Improve conversion and forecast demand trends

ContentWise delivers deep customer and product data and intelligence, delivering user behavior insights and understanding the drivers of engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Deep customer intelligence
Hyper personalized shopping experience

Create hyper-personalized shopping experiences

Increase engagement, cross-selling and basket size

ContentWise enhances site navigation and creates a unique online shopping experience by dynamically personalizing pages based on each customer’s preferences, style, and intent.

Plug leaks in your marketing mix ROI

Automatically discover optimal spend allocations and channels

ContentWise optimizes marketing spend and channel KPIs, by exploring how correlations, trends, seasonality, and outliers impact metrics, predicting the return on your investment decisions.

Optimal marketing budget allocation

Solutions for Fashion E-Commerce, marketing and merchandising

catalog builder logo
Logo catalog builder

Create high-quality digital product catalogs 

cx personalize
Logo CX Personalizer

Personalize the online customer experience

journey analytics
Logo Journey Analytics

Understand customers’ behavior and intent

Optimize marketing and media campaigns

Solutions for Fashion E-Commerce and Marketing Leaders

Create high-quality digital product catalogs
Logo Catalog Builder white

Assemble high-quality product catalogs

Automate, enrich, maintain and distribute product data with a single, centralized platform. 

Logo CX Personalizer white

Personalize the online shopping experience

Dynamically redesign and hyper-personalize the digital CX journey with AI.

How to improve the quality of e-commerce catalogs and reduce product returns
Logo Journey Analytics white

Understand customers’ behavior and intent

Extract customer journey and audience intelligence from a unified customer and product data platform.

Logo Marketing Consulting white

Optimize marketing and media campaigns

Improve the ROI of promotion, advertising and marketing spend with ad-hoc analyses.

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How to improve the quality of e-commerce catalogs and reduce product returns

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