Boost your e-commerce growth

We use customer data and marketing prediction technology to help fashion retailers and brands leverage first-party data and improve their marketing spend performance.

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Customer Data Platform

Give your customers the ideal offer,
at the optimal time, on the right channel
Personalizer: Convert visitors into loyal shoppers
Robust solution aligned
with customers
and business needs

We support fashion brands and retailers in evaluating, selecting and leveraging the right customer data platform and adjacent technologies they need to gain key digital business insights.

omnichannel actions
to targeted customers

Achieve real-time marketing agility by creating personalized and perfectly timed experiences that resonate with customers. Automate marketing actions across all touchpoints to reach target audiences wherever they are.

Foundation of
first-party data strategy

We help businesses acquire and leverage granular consumer first-party data with a solid data lifecycle strategy, by decoupling their investment strategies from untrustworthy third-party data.

Granular consumer
segmentation and targeting

Consolidate data from every touch point, to provide complete visibility into customer activity, profiling and behaviors, as well as identity resolution, clustering and targeting. Simplify data integration and management, by streaming siloed data sources into a single data store.

How Customer Data Platform can actually help you
power up your fashion e-commerce​

Defining improved and personalized customer experiences

Creating more effective targeted marketing campaigns

Developing better digital products
and services

Marketing spend optimizaion

Analyze the impact of your marketing mix and spend
allocations on sales performance
Marketing spend optimization
Unbiased marketing
performance data analisys

Our flexible algorithm configuration and tuning gives you complete control and delivers an objective, unbiased analysis or marketing investment performance.

Reliable and flexible
marketing mix modeling

Isolate and measure marketing mix contribution on revenue, reassessing the correct attribution to organic and paid channels. Accurately identify advertising spend effectiveness and quantify its impact on business KPIs.

Optimal marketing
spend allocation

We help you optimize marketing spend and channel KPIs finding the optimal allocation to achieve set revenue and business goals.

Spend strategy
impact prediction

Easily select and test marketing spending strategies and measure the effect of a campaign, investment strategy, event or promotion to determine the impact on sales.

How the Marketing Spend Optimization solution
can actually help grow your revenues

Simulating predicted revenues according to a given budget and channel spending

Estimating the required budget and channel split to reach a given target revenue

Analyzing the effect
of a campaign

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