Convert visitors into loyal shoppers

Personalizer predicts each user’s unique tastes and interactively adapts product recommendations, navigation, and content. So your customers can find products faster, experience less friction and buy more.

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Benefits for your e-commerce

Icon: Faster time-to-market
Higher Average
Order Value (AOV)

Personalizer puts the right products in front of the right buyer at the right time, increasing add-to-cart rate and average order value.

Frictionless catalog browsing
catalog browsing

By streamlining UI and browsing paths to the best products and outfits for each user, Personalizer removes friction and facilitates the discovery of long-tail items.

Improved engagement metrics
engagement metrics

Personalizer increases time-on-site, time-to-cart and conversion rates by constantly adapting to users behavior and learning each shopper’s tastes.

Lower customer frustration
Lower customer

By reducing the amount of time and effort that customers need to put into finding what they are looking for, Personalizer reduces frustration and creates a better overall shopping experience.

Cockie-less shopping personalization
Cookie-less shopping

Create a unique online shopping experience by dynamically personalizing pages based on each customer’s preferences, style and intent.

Higher customer loyalty
Higher customer

Personalization makes customers feel like they are being catered to personally. This means more repeated purchases, brand loyalty and higher retention.

Main Features

How Personalizer can actually help you
power up your fashion e-commerce

Accelerating content creation
for new product listings

Optimizing product discovery
on e-commerce platforms

Generating multi-language content
for international markets

Identifying and correcting
inconsistencies in product data

Enhancing workflow and prioritization
in content editing

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